Lifting of pandemic-related entry restrictions for travelers from Brunei Darussalam to Germany

07.12.2021 - Article

As of 28/11/2021 Brunei Darussalam is no longer categorized as high risk area (red listed) for entry into Germany.

Therefore, entry from Brunei Darussalam to Germany with or without a visa will be possible: 

1. If the traveler is fully vaccinated, he/she needs to carry and present proof of the vaccination certificate. This is being checked by the airline at check-in and by the border authorities upon entry into Germany. Further requirements do not exist, as Brunei is now again on the Green List in Germany. However, countries the traveler is transiting through might have other requirements that need to be observed.


2. If there is an important reason for travelling (e.g. for visiting close relatives, for business, diplomats, students, sailors on ships, skilled workers if they have a contract with a company in Germany, seasonal workers, etc).

Requirements for unvaccinated travellers with an important reason for travelling:
negative PCR-test 72 hours prior to arrival in Germany or a negative antigen-test max. 48 hours prior to arrival in Germany.

For complete vaccination only EMA-approved vaccines are accepted (currently: BioNTech/ Pfizer, Moderna, AZ and J&J). Persons vaccinated with different vaccines are considered unvaccinated, please refer to no 2 above.

Important:The decision on entry into Germany is made in each individual case only at the German border by the competent German border authorities. The German missions abroad have no influence on this final entry decision.

More detailed information on entry from Brunei Darussalam to Germany can be found in the FAQs of the Federal Ministry of the Interior in English: https://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/faqs/EN/topics/civil-protection/coronavirus/coronavirus-faqs.html#doc13797140bodyText3

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